Two Important School Surveys

We need your help in completing two surveys about Pittsburgh Public Schools. You do not need need to have children in PPS to complete these surveys. The first is a general survey from PPS, the second was created specifically for Morningside and Highland Park.

General Survey

Pittsburgh Public Schools has an urgency to think differently about how it delivers a 21st Century education to all students.The District faces the challenge of closing a $50MM budget shortfall while ensuring that the structures are in place to support its vision that 80% of Pittsburgh Public Schools students earn a post-secondary degree or workforce certification. In January 2013, the District embarked on a large scale
visioning process called Envisioning Education Excellence: A Plan for All of Pittsburgh’s Students to address the current state challenges and future goals of the District. Continued engagement of students, teachers, principals, funders, and the broader community is critical to the success of this project.

In an effort to incorporate the community’s feedback on Pittsburgh Public Schools into the Envisioning work, please take this short survey, which will be open until Friday, June 7th. It should take about 10 minutes to complete and your responses will remain anonymous. Your input will be used internally to assist in future decision making and evaluate proposed actions for the District. All are encouraged to respond- not just those with children being served in the Pittsburgh Public Schools. If you want to learn more, please visit the Envisioning Educational Excellence website. You may also feel free to email with any questions.

Highland Park/ Morningside Survey

To specifically clarify the needs of families and students in Highland Park and Morningisde, the Highland Park Community Council and Morningside Area Community Council are working with the Pittsburgh School District. The HPCC and MACC have jointly developed a school survey.  Please take the HPCC/MACC School Survey which will be open until Monday, June 17th at midnight. We need information about how the District could better meet your needs at our local schools such as Fulton, Dilworth, Sunnyside and the Obama Academy. The HPCC has representative on the panel (Dave Atkinson), and your input is greatly valued.  You can contact Dave directly at

Thank you! We appreciate the time and effort completing these surveys will take and believe it to be a valuable opportunity for our neighborhood!