Morningside PA Blog The Best Places to Get Massage in Cape Town

The Best Places to Get Massage in Cape Town


A luxurious spa treatment is the perfect way to soothe those aching muscles after a day hiking Table Mountain or surfing the waves on the Cape Peninsula. Whether you’re after a quick detox session or an in-depth full body massage, these expertly trained professionals have you covered.Source :

Escape the bustle of the harbour precinct at this tranquil sanctuary, offering a range of body and beauty treatments from top-tier brands. The calming ambiance is enhanced by the sounds of flowing water and bird calls, with the added benefit of stunning views of the sea and surrounding mountains. The menu includes signature experiences like the Twelve Apostles Touch and The Mountains Serenade, as well as a host of other facials, body scrubs and wraps. A highlight is the Rasul Chamber, a traditional Arab cleansing ritual using mud and gentle steam.

The Art of Relaxation: Cape Town’s Favorite Massage Getaways

Set in a lush wine farm setting, this boutique wellness retreat has an authentic feel and is a true hidden gem. Relax in a soothing massage or one of their specialist facials that include the Earth Vitality and Fire Purity, both formulated with nourishing Monoi oil, or try the Herbal Poultice treatment.

Located on Kloof Street, this state-of-the-art day spa is a holistic haven of health and beauty, and is a big supporter of the local community. Aside from the usual treatments, it’s the only place in the country to offer floatation hydrotherapy, which alleviates jet lag and helps with anxiety, fears and addictions.

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Roofs and gutters are home elements that go unnoticed until they malfunction. Having the right roofing contractor on hand can ensure that these essentials function at peak performance. A skilled professional will not only install a new roof but can also repair the old one as well as replace gutters. Some local roofing companies even provide renovation services for existing homes or commercial buildings.

A Roofing Darwin company in Darwin has fought a court battle to overturn an infringement notice issued by NT WorkSafe. The infringement notice accused Roof Power Pty Ltd of failing to have a worker wear fall protection when working on a roof over two metres high. The matter is listed for mention in the Darwin local court on Tuesday 6 June 2023.

Founded in 1984, Roofmaster started out as a small supply and installation company. It now employs more than 200 people throughout the Northern Territory. It specialises in commercial and residential roofing, with the majority of its clients coming from the public sector. The company is also known for offering lead free soft feed ridge cap flashings, which eliminate the need to scribe in the ridge cap and save hours of labour.

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Liquid vape juice contains propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), as well as natural or artificial flavorings. The VG and PG are used to create the aerosol you inhale, while the flavourings give you that delicious taste you’re after. The UK’s e-liquid regulations ensure that all of these ingredients are evenly blended and free of harmful contaminants.

Nicotine is an optional ingredient in e-Liquid, and is sourced from either natural tobacco plants or synthetically from chemicals like ammonia. It’s worth experimenting with nicotine strength to find what satisfies you best, and you can even try nicotine-free e-Liquid if that suits your palate better.

Those who want to blow larger clouds are typically better off with high VG e-Liquids, with ratios such as VG:PG 80:20 or 90:10. These thicker blends can only be used in tanks or devices that can handle them – a higher resistance coil is needed, and a larger battery is also usually required.