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Lookah Seahorse Pro Plus Review

lookah seahorse pro plus

The is a lookah seahorse pro plus the evolution of the popular seahorse dab pen to the next level. This portable and durable nectar collector has an upgraded glass mouthpiece with a see-through quartz tip to offer a captivating visual experience as you witness the vaporization process. Additionally, the standard coil cap now features a magnetic connection to enhance convenience and eliminate worries about it loosening or falling off during usage.

In addition to its sleek aesthetics, this device also comes with a removable mouthpiece and an upgraded ceramic bowl that is both durable and lightweight. It is designed to be used with either pre-filled cartridges or 510-threaded oil cartomizers. It features a 650mAh battery with 3 preset temperature settings to allow you to choose the ideal one for your session. It is easy to use and offers a hassle-free operation, making it a perfect choice for novices and heavy users alike.

How to use the lookah seahorse pro plus

To operate this device, press the power button five times rapidly to turn it on and then select your preferred temperature setting. Once you have done that, press and hold the power button to start heating up the tip. Once it has reached your desired temperature, you can begin your session. If you are not sure of the right temperature for your session, you can also tap the power button three times to enter a pre-heating mode. This will preheat the tip for 15 seconds and maintain it at that temperature for 30 seconds.

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