Morningside PA Blog Kids Beds – Choosing the Right One For Your Child

Kids Beds – Choosing the Right One For Your Child

kids beds come in a variety of styles and sizes, growing with your children through their early teens. They also come with a wealth of features designed to keep them comfortable and safe while they sleep, including built-in antimicrobial treatment and spill-resistant covers.

Kids Beds: Fun and Functional Designs for Every Child

If you’re looking for a kids bed that will grow with your child, this option from Raymour and Flanigan is worth considering. It has four Full-size drawers where your kid can store clothes, linens, and that collection of rocks they’ve been slowly building up over the years. The frame itself is a mix of woods and MDF that assembles in about 20 minutes.

Many of the mattresses featured on this list, like the Helix Kids and Birch Kids Natural, are made from organic materials, which can help ensure your child is sleeping on clean, healthy bedding. The Helix Kids mattress is also flippable, with one side that’s soft and pressure-relieving (intended for ages 3-7) and the other firmer, with a layer of patented Lumbar Zone Active Spinal wire.

When it comes to choosing a kids mattress, look for options that have premium, certified materials and a wide range of safety certifications from reputable third-party organizations. Also consider how much time your child spends in the bedroom and what types of activities they do there, which can impact their sleep habits.

Finally, if you’re concerned about your kids getting injured while jumping or falling out of their bed, consider purchasing a lofted or platform bed with a sturdy ladder and guardrails. Or, if your child is a climber, try this Montessori bed from Harper and Bright, which has a fully enclosed floor frame that corrals them to prevent escapes while also providing freedom for exploration and play.

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