Morningside PA Blog How to Pass the DGT Test in English

How to Pass the DGT Test in English

If you are an EU or EEA national who is legally living in Spain, you can exchange your foreign driver’s license for a Spanish one. All you have to do is dgt test english version here to hand over your license and receive your new one. Your driving offences and points should also be transferred automatically to your new Spanish licence.

Then you will need to sit the written (theoretical) test, which isn’t in English, although your driving school should be able to arrange it for you to take in your native language. This exam consists of 30 questions, and you need to get at least 27 correct to pass.

Benefits of Taking the DGT Test in English

You must also pass a medical exam to prove that you are healthy enough to drive, and this is normally done in a DGT-authorized medical clinic. Your driving school should be able to recommend a clinic near you or you can check here for one in your area.

Once you have passed the medical and theoretical exams, you can take your practical exam. The cost of this varies between driving schools, but you will usually pay a fixed amount which covers the DGT admin fees to register you for the exam and your driving lessons up to the point of sitting the test. Your driving instructor will then book the exam for you at a DGT centre once you’re both confident that you are ready to do so.

The final point is that there are logical restrictions on being able to take the DGT theory exam in English. It’s a test to obtain your PERMISO B driving licence, and the questions must be in the language of the country where you are from.

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