Fulton Elementary School Tour

If you have a child under five years old, please join Principal Bivens for a tour of Fulton elementary – one of the top performing public elementary schools in the city.  Fulton is a STAR school, having achieved the top 1% for student growth in Pennsylvania in 2012.  All Morningside families can attend the school, though some may have to apply to the French magnet.  The tour will be held on June 4th at 9:00am.

Pittsburgh Fulton is located in Highland Park across the street from St. Andrews.  Fulton offers a unique blending of a structured, traditional neighborhood setting with a French-emphasis magnet program that promotes the study of French culture and language.  All children in K-1 get an exposure to the French language-through movement, songs, poetry, basic vocabulary and simple greetings. A distinction is made in the educational programming for magnet and non-magnet students starting in grades 2-5. Basic French vocabulary is taught and expanded into sight words, sentences and simple paragraphs. Emphasis is on developing oral and auditory language skills (speaking and listening).  The instructional program is based on the District’s comprehensive curriculum.

Those students in the magnet program have the opportunity to progress to Obama International Academy in 6th grade.  In 2012, Obama Academy graduates were accepted into 55 colleges and universities including CMU, Pitt, Penn State, University of Pennsylvania and many other well respected institutions.  Graduates can earn up to a full year of college credit though the IB diploma and up to $40,000 in Pittsburgh Promise Scholarship money for in state tuition – just a few steps away from Morningside.

Visit the Pittsburgh District, A+ Schools and the Highland Park Community Council websites for more detailed information.  Please RSVP for the tour to Dave Atkinson at westpennworks@gmail.com prior to June 4th.