Day: June 20, 2024

EV Comparisons – Making the Right ChoiceEV Comparisons – Making the Right Choice

ev comparisons

Electric vehicles are gaining in popularity, with the promise of zero-emissions driving and impressive efficiency. But with a wide variety of different makes, models and cruising ranges on offer, making the right choice can be confusing for shoppers. Our ev comparisons make it easier for buyers to select an electric vehicle that best suits their needs and budget.

When ev comparisons, the first thing shoppers check is how far the car can go on a single charge. This is called its range, and it’s a figure that can be affected by climate conditions, driving style and battery age. It’s also worth checking the car or SUV’s efficiency, which reveals how much energy it uses when cruising (measured in kilowatt-hours per 100 miles). Used alongside local electricity prices and your personal fuel costs, this number will reveal how much an EV could save you over time.

MSRP of 2023 Volvo C40 Recharge Pure Electric: Pricing Breakdown

More and more automakers are offering bespoke electric cars, too. These models are designed with an electric drivetrain and battery pack, which is integrated into the car’s chassis and bodywork. As a result, they’re able to be more spacious and comfortable than their petrol- or diesel counterparts. They’re also often able to accelerate quickly, too.

Alternatively, some buyers may be more interested in buying a fully-fledged electric SUV. If this is the case, it’s well worth checking out the latest offerings from Ford, Tesla and Kia. The latter brand’s upcoming EV9, for example, boasts a massive 100kWh battery that allows it to travel up to 441 miles on a single charge – enough for a journey from Southampton to Edinburgh and back again.