Citizen’s Police Academy

The Pittsburgh’s Citizens Police Academy brings the police and the community close together in a setting that offers a sample of police training to each participant. Sponsored by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, this program is given twice a year for members of the community who wish to become closely acquainted with the roles and responsibilities of the Police Bureau.

The 15-week program meets one evening a week for three hours of training. Participants are exposed to the operations of the Police Bureau, taught the basics of criminal law, search and seizure, patrol tactics, firearms, and other highlighted police training topics. They also learn about processing a crime scene, conduct a ride-along with an officer, and will meet many street officers as well as command and training staff.

The current session of the Citizens Police Academy is being held at the Police Training Academy and participants are scheduled to graduate December 15th.
If you are interested in signing up for the next session or for more information, you can call the Citizen’s Police Academy at 412-665-3600 or visit the City of Pittsburgh web-site at