Message from the President

Stewardship of a neighborhood is a responsibility shared by every resident. Stewardship can mean an activity like maintaining your property or cleaning up loose debris and litter around your house. But it can also mean participating as a member of a civic organization, a church or coaching youth athletics. In either case, such activities take time and dedication and are the backbone of any good neighborhood.

I was reminded of the power of stewardship a few weeks ago when Councilman Dowd’s office helped to coordinate a meeting between members of the Morningside Athletic teams, MACC’s Beautification and Greening Committee and representatives from the City of Pittsburgh. The topic at hand: improving the quality of Heth’s and Natoli Fields. The conversation among participants was energetic, solutions offered were creative and the possibilities of working together were endless. During the meeting, looking at the twenty or so attendees, one couldn’t help but be impressed by the number of attendees and the dedication each person displayed – particularly considering the size of our community.

Morningside offers residents plenty of opportunities to fulfill these civic responsibilities. On October 16th you’ll have the chance to meet your neighbors through a full day of activities that demonstrate one of Morningside’s greatest assets: the volunteers that make these opportunities possible. Beginning at 10 a.m. at the VFW parking lot, MACC will be hosting the final neighborhood clean up of the year. We’re looking for volunteers so please stop on by. Following the clean up, MACC will be hosting the 2nd Annual Fall-O-Ween Festival in the Morningside Business District. Live music and food will be available at this family-friendly event beginning at 2pm. Meanwhile, at Natoli Field, Morningside Football will be in action all day.

Making these events possible and creating neighborhood improvements takes time, plenty of patience and preparation. Please take time to lend your neighbors a hand and also thank these dedicated volunteers.

Grant Ervin
MACC President

MACC Clean Up & Painting

Saturday, October 16, 2010 beginning at 10am.  Volunteer pre-sign up is encouraged. All interested volunteers/groups should call Amy at 412-414-7407 or email  .  Volunteers should sign in the day of event at the VFW to receive trash bags, gloves, instructions, etc. The first 30 volunteers get t-shirts!  Areas of clean up include: Natoli Field, Heth’s Field, Baker Street and throughout neighborhood (walking tour for street/sidewalk clean up).

As always your help is greatly appreciated. Remember WE are in charge of keeping M-Side safe, clean & respected.

Please forward to friends and neighbors.

Thank you!