Snow Angels – From Mayor Ravenstahl’s November Newsletter

As the weather begins to change and Fall rolls into Winter, the City’s workers and residents are preparing for the season of snowfall. While wintertime in Pittsburgh includes the joys of Light-Up Night, ice skating, and various celebrations and events, many residents fear the inevitable snow, sleet and slippery conditions.

 Last winter, Mayor Ravenstahl recognized the need for a snow removal assistance initiative to help our City’s elderly and disabled residents. City code requires snow and ice to be removed from all walkways within 24 hours after the snow stops falling. This can be nearly impossible for our City’s residents with physical limitations.

In Winter 2011, Mayor Ravenstahl launched the Snow Angels program, a servePGH initiative, which matches able-bodied volunteers with elderly and physically disabled residents in their own neighborhoods. Once matched, Snow Angel volunteers have 24 hours after the snow stops falling to remove snow and slush from their designated resident’s walkways.

 Mayor Ravenstahl’s call for Snow Angels and recipients was met with overwhelming enthusiasm.  During the initial launch, 187 seniors and disabled residents in need were matched with 81 individual and group volunteers throughout the City. Many volunteers took on multiple houses to ensure that needy residents received help. In just one winter season, Snow Angels volunteers removed over 27,000 square feet of snow!

The time has come, again, to grab your shovels, pull on your boots and lend a helping hand. 

To sign up to volunteer as a Snow Angel, to receive Snow Angel services, or to learn more about the program, visit or call 412-255-2280.