2013 Morningside Mile Honoree

25212_110057952362419_7290289_nThe 2013 Morningside Mile honoree is Officer David Condon. Officer Condon has been a Morningside resident for 19 years. Before settling down in our neighborhood and starting his family here, David served his country for 5 years after receiving his commission as an Army officer from Penn State ROTC. He served as an Armor Division Officer where he commanded M1A1 Abrams Tanks. Through his years in the Army, he filled the billets of Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, Company Commander, and Assistant Battalion Operations Officer. He was stationed in Germany and at Fort Stewart, Georgia. David achieved the rank of Captain before leaving the Army to pursue a civilian career.

After his tour in the Army, David continued his service by changing his focus from national to local and became a Pittsburgh Police Officer. During his 19 years on the force, he has exemplified the honorable characteristics of public service. Not only has he dedicated himself to his role as a police officer serving the people of Pittsburgh, but David has been a role model for children in our neighborhood by taking the time to interact and get to know his neighbors. The Morningside Mile- Honoring Those Who Serve, is proud to recognize Officer David Condon as our 2013 honoree and we thank him for his service.