Parking and Street Closures on September 8th for Morningside Mile

The race course and affected streets will be the same as last year. The list below outlines all of the streets which will be affected and in what way.

  1. The Race Course – Cars will not be able to park along the race course from 7:30am to approximately 9:00am on race day (Saturday, September 8, 2012.)
  2. Villanova Road and Bossart Street – Cars may park on the street, but will not be able to drive to or from these blocks during the race.
  3. North of Greenwood Street (1800 and 1900 blocks of Chislett and Antietam, 6900 block of Greenwood, Bishop, Standish, Manistee and Witherspoon) – Cars will be able to park on the street, but vehicles will not be able to pass through the intersection of Greenwood and Chislett during the race time. Gael Way will be open for those who need to exit.

In the case of any emergency at a home along the course or that is blocked by the course, the race will be paused and emergency vehicles will be allowed to proceed uninhibited.

If you are disabled or a senior citizen and need assistance making arrangements, please contact the Morningside Mile Committee at 412- 204-7410 or