NextDoor Morningside

You may already be aware that Morningside has a Facebook page, but did you know that some innovative neighbors have launched Nextdoor Morningside? A neighbor brought this private social network to our attention at the April MACC meeting, and a number of Morningside residents have already signed up. The network will be most successful if we get a lot of participation in the neighborhood.

So what is it exactly? Nextdoor Morningside is a private social network just for residents of Morningside. Neighbors can use Nextdoor to find a babysitter, get the word out about a break-in, organize a yard sale or ask for help finding a lost pet. You can choose how much information about yourself that you share, so choose the right level of privacy to suit you.
Use this link to to join: – you must be a resident of Morningside to join.