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  • Male- David Galati- 5:02.7
  • Female- Wendy King- 6:12.5

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Honoree: Sergeant Damian Duggan

The 2012 Morningside Mile honored Sergeant Damian Duggan. Sergeant Duggan and his family moved to Morningside in 1993 when he was nine years old, and he soon began attending St. Raphael’s Elementary School. Damian resided in Morningside until he enlisted in the United States Army in 2008. Since completing basic training, Damian’s service has taken him all over the world, including to his recent deployment in Afghanistan. Although Damian’s base is in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, he maintains close ties to many of his Morningside friends and his sister Shannon, who
nominated him for this honor.

The Morningside Mile recognizes the incredible bravery and selflessness that Damian displayed by volunteering for the Army during a period when American troops faced dangerous conditions in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, and for the work he does everyday to keep innocent men, women and children safe, whether he’s on a tour of duty overseas or back in the United States acquiring new skills and knowledge for his next assignment.


Course Results

  • Male- Eric Miller- 5:11.0
  • Female- Gwen Elizabeth Miller- 6:36.6

Honoree: Marine Gunnery Sergeant Justin Schmalstieg

The first annual Morningside Mile Honoring Those Who Serve was be held in recognition of the accomplishments and ultimate sacrifice of Marine Gunnery Sergeant Justin Schmalstieg.  GySgt Schmalstieg was killed in action in Afghanistan on December 15, 2010.

GySgt Schmalstieg is survived by his wife, Ann Schmalstieg; his parents, John and Deborah Gilkey, both detectives in the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police; and his brother, John Gilkey Jr.  A former Stanton Heights resident, he graduated with honors from Peabody High School in 2000.

GySgt Schmalstieg joined the Marines in February 2001 and had served three tours in Iraq prior to his deployment to Afghanistan.  As an experienced bomb disposal technician, GySgt Schmalstieg was clearing the path for his unit when a bomb detonated and took his life.