Morningside Girls Softball Association Schedule

Please come and cheer on Morningside Girl’s Softball at Heth’s Field and enjoy all the amenities the concession stand has to offer! Any questions or comments please contact George or Nicole Mazza at 412-251-2155 or email

8 and Under Home Game Schedule
April 26th – Tues. 6:30p.m. Bauerstown-1
May 5th –Thur. 6:30p.m. Bauerstown-0
May 10th – Tues.  6:30p.m. DeHaven-2
May 17th – Tues. 6:30p.m. DeHaven-4
May 24th – Tues. 6:30p.m. DeHaven-3
May 26th – Thurs. 6:30p.m. Bauerstown-2
June 2nd – Thur. 6:30p.m. DeHaven-1

10 and Under Home Game Schedule
May 10th – Tues.  6:15p.m. Sharpsburg
May 28th – Sat.  11:30a.m. Sharpsburg
June 4th – Sat.  12p.m. Reserve
June 7th – Tues. 6:15p.m. Reserve
June 11th – Sat. 11:30a.m. Aspinwall – 1
June 14th – Tues.  6:15p.m. Aspinwall – 2
June 16th – Thurs.  6:15p.m. 9th Ward

12 and Under Home Game Schedule
April 18th – Mon.  6:30p.m. Deer Lakes
April 29th – Fri. 6:30p.m. Bauerstown – 2
May 9th – Mon.  6:30p.m. Reserve
May 16th – Mon.  6:30p.m. Aspinwall
May 18th – Wed.  6:30p.m. Hampton – 2
May 20th – Fri.  6:30p.m. 9th Ward
May 25th – Wed. 6:30p.m. Hampton – 1
June 1st – Wed.  6:30p.m. Bauerstown Exhibition Game