Free Home Energy Assessments

Did you know that most homes were built with no energy standards?  And, about 25% of the energy used in the US is used by households?  These are both true, which are big factors in the amount of energy lost through inefficient home systems.  There are things you can do.  Do you want to learn how to slow this energy loss?  Do you want a home energy assessment to locate your energy inefficiencies?  Do you want this for FREE?  You got it.

This summer the National Energy Leadership Corps (NELC) will be offering free home energy assessments to community members of Morningside and the surrounding neighborhoods.  The NELC is collaboration between the Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, and the Penn State Center based in downtown Pittsburgh.  Together a team of students will be performing the home energy assessments with the goal of educating homeowners about energy loss and energy retrofits within the home.

Over the past several months, the student assessors completed coursework at Pitt designed to train them on how to identify home energy losses, recommend the appropriate retrofits as a solution, and calculate cost savings for the homeowner.  In addition to energy savings, the assessment also looks to improve health and safety of the homes.

If you have an interest in saving money on utility bills, improving health and safety within your home, or protecting the environment, then call or email to take the first step toward home energy savings.

Penn State Center: (412) 263-1754 ask for Nicole or Chris or email