State Senator Ferlo Announces EECO Center

The Environment and Energy Community Outreach (EECO) Center, spearheaded by State Senator Jim Ferlo, offers numerous services!  The EECO Center is a collaborative project operated by Pittsburgh Community Services (PCSI), Inc.  The Center offers consumer services and sustainability education to Pittsburgh’s eastern neighborhoods.

Services at the EECO Center include utility assistance applications, business development, sustainability and consumer education programs, community space, and more.  The Center is also home to the Neighborhood Safety Program, which installs water and energy ECO-Kits and safety items in your home.

The EECO Center is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm with occasional events in the evenings and weekends, and is located at the intersection of East Liberty Blvd and Larimer Avenue.  For more information, look for us on Facebook.