Other Essential Information


Trash collection in Morningside is Thursday morning. Trash can be put out on the curb no earlier than 7 p.m. on Wednesday evening, and must be out by 6 a.m. on Thursday. Every other week, recyclables are collected at the curb with trash. Morningside is one of the neighborhoods piloting Pittsburgh’s more complete curbside recycling program.  For residents who wish to dispose of their recyclables more often, two drop-off locations are located within a 10-minute drive.

You can sign up for email or text message reminders based on your address, using this service: http://pgh.st/.

Public Transportation

Port Authority buses available in or nearby Morningside:  The 87 Friendship has a Morningside branch which runs directly through the neighborhood and travels downtown.  The 75 Ellsworth also runs through the neighborhood, and runs between Waterworks and the South Side via Oakland.

There are also several buses that run through nearby Highland Park.  Google Maps Transit is a good way to explore your transit options: https://maps.google.com/landing/transit/index.html.

For the most recent information, and for real time bus arrival times visit the Port Authority website portauthority.org.


Most parking is street parking, though some homes have driveways and garages. Parking in Morningside does not require a parking permit as in many other Pittsburgh communities, probably because street parking is not terribly difficult to come by. From April through November, most streets in Morningside are cleaned by city crews, so once a week residents have to shuffle their cars around.