Morningside Community Public Safety Meeting

State Representative Dom Costa and City Councilman Patrick Dowd will be hosting a Community Public Safety Meeting to discuss the recent incident at Joe Natoli Field and what Morningside residents can do to keep the neighborhood safe.

The event will take place on Thursday, May 24th at 8:00 p.m. in the St. Raphael School Multi-purpose Room.

A representative from the Pittsburgh Police Department will be in attendance, as well as a representative to discuss the City of Pittsburgh’s new “Block Watch in a Box” Program.

We hope you are able to attend!

OpenSpacePGH Public Meetings

The City of Pittsburgh is embarking on PLANPGH, the City’s first Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of PLANPGH is to create a shared vision and policies for the next 25 years of our City’s development. OpenSpacePGH, the City’s Open Space, Parks, and Recreation Plan, is one of the initial components of PLANPGH, and will provide the City with goals and strategies for its parks, recreation, and formal open space systems, as well as a tool to assist in putting its vacant properties into productive re-use. As part of the public outreach and participation for OpenSpacePGH, the City will be holding five public meetings in late April and early May. The outcome of these meetings will create the City’s vision for its open spaces, parks, and recreation areas, so get involved and help make Pittsburgh an even better place to live, work, play, and thrive! For more information:

Pittsburgh Public Schools Panel Discussion with District 2 Candidates

4/21/11 at 7:30pm at the Union Project (821 N Negley Ave)

Please join the Highland Park Community Council to learn more about your District 2 PPS board member candidates and other developments in the school district.

The Pittsburgh Public Schools primary will be held on May 17, 2011.  District 2 candidates include Dara Allen and Regina Hollley.  The District 2 PPS board member will represent Highland Park, Morningside, Stanton Heights, Lawrenceville and other neighborhoods.  Both candidates will speak briefly, provide information on their campaign and answer questions.

Kevin Bivens, the principal of Fulton K-5 will also be speaking on community engagement at Fulton.  Members of the School Green project will also speak about their efforts.

Contact Dave Atkinson at for more information.

Meet and Greet with City Controller Michael Lamb

On Saturday, February 26th there will be a meet and greet for City Controller Michael Lamb from 10am to 11am at Tazza d’Oro in Highland Park. This will be a chance for neighbors to meet the Controller, talk with him about issues facing the city and share thoughts and concerns about Morningside.  Hope to see you there!

Allegheny Riverfront Vision

As you may have heard by now, the Allegheny Riverfront Vision has been released.

“The Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan presents a new direction for the banks of the Allegheny River and for the Strip District and Lawrenceville riverfront communities. It is a vision based on respecting fundamental ecological principles, employing smart strategies to increase resident and business connections, increasing the quality of urban living, and achieving a regenerative and sustainable market for long-term investment. Its recommendations address six miles of Pittsburgh’s Allegheny Riverfront, but its vision offers guidance for Pittsburgh as a riverfront city.” – Allegheny Riverfront Vision Plan

Additional reading about the Allegheny Riverfront Vision:

What Will 2011 Bring? You Decide.

Dear Neighbors,
Developing a good game plan is a key to any successful team. Recognizing your challenges, building from your strengths and using your resources wisely are critical components to such a plan.

On January 8th, MACC hosted its fourth annual strategic planning session. Attendees took the opportunity to recognize achievements over the last year, things like developing the communications and membership plan, installing new welcome signs and working with our neighbors in Stanton Heights to preserve over forty acres of wooded hillside by implementing the creation of the Allegheny Greenway. While it’s fun to think about the positives, attendees also identified areas where improvements are needed and began to chart a course to tackle these challenges.

Participants separated into two groups. Group one focused on building on success in the business district. Meanwhile, group two concentrated on connecting residents through events and activities. Both teams developed creative ideas and action plans to achieve their identified goals.

Please take a look at the MACC Strategic Plan.  Let us know if you have any suggestions or issues that you would like to include. If you see something of interest and would like to lend a hand please contact us. As playwright John Heywood said, “Many hands make light the work.”  Here is to a successful 2011.

Grant Ervin
MACC President

A Review of Morningside’s 2010 Successes

  • Improving communications systems
  • Well-attended, well-received activities
  • Good volunteer leadership
  • 100 new trees in neighborhood
  • City Planning Commission’s approval of the Allegheny Greenway
  • Welcome signs on Morningside Ave.
  • Increase in MACC membership
  • More students at St. Raphael’s
  • Housing values going up
  • Completion of the new building at the corner  of Greenwood and Morningside

Way to go Morningside!  Give yourselves a pat on the back 🙂