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Morningside is home to two small city parks, as well as a community bocce court. The community is also in walking distance of the Pittsburgh Zoo, and is expecting a new park to begin development soon.

Heth’s Field is on the south side of Morningside, where Heth’s Run meets Hampton Street, on the border of the Highland Park neighborhood. With three ball fields hosting softball and soccer, and a concession stand, Heth’s Field is home to the Morningside Softball teams. Additional amenities include a tennis court, hockey court, and playground.

Joe Natoli Field, behind Morningside’s business district, hosts the


Morningside teeball and baseball teams, and soccer.  Natoli Field also offers a playground. Youth sports are a large part of Morningside’s community.

The John L. DelSignore Morningside Bocce Courts are located near St. Raphael School, and are the only public bocce courts in the city, owing to the strong Italian heritage in Morningside.

The Heth’s Run Park Project was an ongoing design project for a new park complex that has spent several years in development. Proposed on the site of the current zoo parking lot (which runs up to the foot of the hill below Heth’s Field), the park is envisioned to include athletic fields, a public park, and pedestrian trails that connect Morningside with the zoo and potentially the Allegheny River. If and when the project comes back on track, please look here for updates.


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  1. Does the Park and Recreation have a contact for a women’s Bocce League playing. In Morningside ?
    I was told there was a women’s league there.

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